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Serve the Church



We are the ones making the first impression on people when they come to visit our church. A smile, handshake, and a “how are you doing” goes a long way to help someone feel welcome. When guests enter the church doors and only see a crowd, we make the church feel warm and personal. We also direct people to the various ministries within the church, assist in seating, collect the offering, and ensure a safe environment.

Our team members typically serve one Sunday a month and are paired with another Attendant. Our goal is to leave a lasting impression on guests and create a welcoming environment at Vineyard Church.



Vineyard Cafe

This is great way to provide a friendly environment for the Vineyard, meet new people, learn new skills, and provide hope for coffee farming communities throughout the world. The Brew Crew offers a simple way to provide a great first impression with a quality cup of coffee that also serves as a tangible way to demonstrate our passion for impacting lives around the world.

Volunteers typically serve once a month and are matched with a veteran brewer for training. Drink Coffee, Do Good!



Creating and maintaining an attractive and safe environment is a great way that we can be a church which exists for the sake of others. Even though what we do often goes unseen, our service is an incredible gift to our church family!

We have three Building and Grounds teams:
1. Maintenance
2. Grounds Care
3. Cleaning

Team members typically serve once a month for 1-2 hours. All of the equipment that we need is right here at the church and we can train you if you are interested in serving with us.



As Christ served his disciples during the Last Supper, we can also serve one another as we share communion together each month.

As we offer bread and juice for people to partake in, we help them experience the love and acceptance of Jesus. There is a seat for everyone at the table!

The Communion Team helps serve communion during the 2nd Sunday of each month and for a few special services each year.



We serve everyone, but especially those who are coming to the church for the very first time! We also want to help those who have been around for a while, but haven’t found a way to connect.

Our goal is to give people the means and the opportunity to become mature followers of Christ. We enjoy showing visitors that they are loved and welcome at Vineyard Church. We want everyone to find a sense of belonging within our beautiful community, discovering ways that they can dive deeper into relationship with God and others.



Getting married can be easy, but continuing to grow and develop a great marriage can be incredibly challenging. It is imperative that couples have people come alongside them to encourage and prepare them for this journey. Marriage Mentoring is a ministry that seeks to equip couples with simple, yet powerful tools that will empower them to walk joyfully in healthy relationship for a lifetime.

Healthy couples help create healthy homes, and healthy homes make for healthy communities. So if you want to make a huge difference in the lives of others, help us foster love between couples so that together we can foster love in the world.



Children are always welcome in our services, but our nursery is a safe place for children under 2 years old to play with age appropriate toys and interact with other children during either worship service.

Being on the Nursery Team is a great way to invest in children and their parents. By serving in the nursery, you are allowing parents to take an hour to be fully focused on worshiping without any distractions. You are also investing in the child by caring for them and interacting with them.

Our team members typically serve one hour per month.


Prayer ministry

We consider it a special privilege to encourage people through prayer and help them connect with God, his wisdom, and his will for their lives. Through prayer, Jesus ministers to people in many ways. He may provide emotional healing, spiritual healing, physical healing, relational healing, deliverance from oppression, or a personal revelation of truth.

Our community is equipped to pray in many different ways. As we go deeper into prayer, we become more intimate with Jesus and his will for our lives and our church. There are various opportunities for you to serve and be a part of the Prayer Ministry at our church.



As much as we love to gather with the whole church for worship on Sundays, there is something uniquely powerful about gathering with a small group of people in a living room or around a dining room table. Stories are exchanged; spiritual practices are discovered; supportive friends come alongside us as we learn, pray, and serve together. No matter who you are or what stage of life you are in, small groups position you for real change and spiritual flourishing. We are always looking for new Small Group Leaders to join our team and facilitate small groups.



Children are the future of our church.

Vineyard Kids is a place where children are able to grow in the gifts that God has given them so that they can use those gifts for their whole lives!

Our team is a crucial part of our children’s ministry! As a Vineyard Kids team member, you will make our kids feel welcome, important, and LOVED. You will also enable us to provide a safe and fun environment for our kids to learn about Jesus and his love for us.

Team members typically serve 1.5 hours per month!



We love our students! Come eat some snacks, change some lives, play ping pong, and hang out with an amazing group of 5th-12th graders every Wednesday night from 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Our hope is that each student will learn to hear God’s voice and experience his inexhaustible love for them. We want to cultivate a space for our students to develop their relationship with Jesus through worship, prayer, relationship, and scripture while having so much fun!! This is such an important time in their lives and you can be the one to make a lasting impact on them.



Our worship and tech teams work together to create something beautiful each Sunday. We have the privilege of serving our church by leading them in worship and giving them a space to encounter God.

Our team has one mission: to help people experience the presence of God so that their lives can be transformed. Our vision is to see our church grow as a worshipping community and it takes everyone on the team to make this happen!


Tech TeAM

Our worship and tech teams work together to create something beautiful each Sunday. We have the privilege of serving our church by leading them in worship and giving them a space to encounter God.

Our team has one mission: to help people experience the presence of God so that their lives can be transformed. Our vision is to see our church grow as a worshipping community and it takes everyone on the team to make this happen!


Serve Local



+ Connecting volunteers with local needs

Connecting Volunteers with Local Needs — This group was started for Vineyard Church - Grafton as means of connecting volunteers and various opportunities both within the church and our local community.


Church Planting

We are a team of people who are passionate about making disciples and investing in the next generation of Christ-followers. Our vision is to plant at least three new churches by 2026. Our specific focus is to plant these churches within a forty-mile radius of Grafton so that we will be able to invest in and support these church plants as they begin to grow and become established.

We will be training and sending out pastors and leaders who will be a part of church planting teams. We will also be working behind the scenes to support those who are being sent out


Despensa de la Paz

+ Street Life Ministry

Despensa De La Paz is a food pantry on the south-side of Milwaukee. On the 4th Saturday of each month, we take a group of people down to serve. Some of us help greet the families, walk with them through the pantry, and help them bag their items while others make sure the shelves stay stocked and assist families with questions about how many items they are allowed to take.

Street Life is a ministry where we connect with people who are homeless on the streets of downtown Milwaukee and help meet some of their basic needs in very practical ways. We set up tables of food, books, clothing, toiletries, and other items in a parking lot and show love to a group of people who are hurting.


family sharing

Family Sharing is a food pantry and resale shop that provides food, clothing, and other essential items at no cost to people in need in Ozaukee County. Approximately 42,000 pounds of food is distributed to 600 households per month, as well as nearly $6,000 worth of clothing, household items, and furniture. None of this could be accomplished without tons of community volunteers.

From the very start, our church has partnered with Family Sharing through annual financial support, hundreds of pounds of donated foods, and volunteering. Our team serves at Family Sharing monthly to help sort food for the pantry. We would love for you to be a part of the good that is being done here.


Jail ministry

+ Addiction Recovery

This is an amazing way to love and support those who do not know the Lord. It is a team of people who serve in four distinct areas:

1. A weekly Bible-based recovery program for men and women in the Ozaukee County Jail.
2. Sunday Services in three Wisconsin prisons: Dodge, Kettle Moraine, and Taycheedah.
3. A bi-weekly Bible study at Teen Challenge residential house for women.
4. A weekly Bible study at WINDS sober living house for women.


Serve the World



Based in San Jose, Costa Rica, the Rahab Foundation exists to bring healing to families connected with human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation. They facilitate quality of life improvements and help to restore dignity to the life of families linked to sexual commerce allowing them to reintegrate into society with alternative vocational skills. Vineyard supports Rahab foundation financially, prayerfully, and sends teams down to Costa Rica to help when needed.


belize missions

In partnership with other Vineyard churches, we have been working to identify and address basic needs in some of the poorest communities in Belize (e.g., healthcare, education). These efforts go hand-in-hand with the work of raising up leaders and growing healthy, indigenously led churches.

There are a number of ways you can participate in our work there, and we send teams down to Belize on a regular basis. We are excited about what the future holds for the Vineyard in Belize.